Sunday, July 3, 2016

[C++ Builder] CoreFoundation.h file not found.

Xcode 7.3 and iOS 9.3 are not supported. I had to uninstall XCode 7.3 and reinstall XCode 7.2.1 (actual official version). Then the supported iOS 9.2 SDK will be created and it worked

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[Qt] 執行檔需要哪些 Dll?

 1. 使用 Qt  的 windeployqt.exe 工具 (在 C:\Qt\Qt5.14.1\5.14.1\msvc2017\bin\)。   a. 把執行檔 myProgram.exe 放在某個資料夾。   b. 在檔案總管這個資料夾按 Shift 和滑鼠右鍵,開啟 Po...